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EC500 System

See our Frequently Asked Questions about the EC500 system

The EC500 power control system comprises the EC500 power supply unit and either the EC300 control panel or the colour TFT EC480 control panel with infra red remote control.

Tue Mar 15th 2016

Q. On my EC400/450/500 system the Reverse Polarity light is illuminating only when I switch on the charger

A. The Reverse Polarity neon is wired directly across the Earth and Neutral conductors of the charger circuit, this is to allow the neon to be isolated for testing purposes. Due to this, the neon will only show a fault condition when the charger circuit is switched on, this does not indicate a fault with the charger.

Q. How does Smart Charging work on my EC400/450/500?

A. Please see the PDF

Download file (673KB)

Q. How do I check my unit is programmed for Smart Charging?

A. Please see the PDF

Download file (673KB)

Q. Will my solar panel charge both batteries

A. Please see the PDF

Download file (673KB)

Q. The remaining battery percentage on my EC480 Control Panel is not reflective of the battery voltage

A. Check the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and control panel are calibrated, then check the correct battery size is programmed and reset the AH-starting point.

Download file (1.2MB)

Q. Why is my reverse polarity light illuminated?

A. The reverse polarity light is designed to illuminate when the Live and Neutral Supply has been reversed or if the Neutral or Earth supply is missing\under fault condition.
The Neon warning indicator is connected between the Earth and Neutral output so will illuminate if either Neutral\Earth cable has a short to Live, Or where the Neutral is missing causing the current to flow down to Earth. A missing Earth can also cause this if a fault exists shorting Live to Earth.
If the light illuminates the supply to the vehicle\PSU should be investigated. Check for 230V from Live to Neutral and also Live to Earth, Confirm 0V across Neutral and Earth.
Reverse Polarity can be common in Europe (France etc). Where an earth point is not used and Live\Neutral polarity is not observed.
It can also be normal for this LED to be illuminated when using a generator due to the way some types of generators operate with a centre tapped earth.

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