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Swift Command General Questions

These are frequently asked question about the Swift Command system.

These are frequently asked question about the Swift Command system.

Wed Jun 14th 2017

What is Swift Command and Swift Command Tracking?

Swift Command is the ability to use the app to control the van's; heating, lights and automatic traction control. This is a free service, which require an account to made on
Swift Command Tracking is the optional tracking service which is available on 2017 caravans and motorhomes.

What vans have Swift Command?

Swift command is on some 2016 vans and all 2017 vans. It is any van with a Power Supply Unit or Control Panel which is an EC600 system.

Is there a free tracking period?

There is no free/trail period for Swift Command Tracking.

How much does it cost?

Tracking subscriptions are £95 per year including VAT for the first 3 years of the vehicle (from build date). Following this (3 years from build date) the tracking and data subscription is £130 for 1 year, £240 for 2 years, £350 for 3 years.

How does it work?

When you have subscribed and activated the tracking your caravan or motorhome is monitored 24 hours per day by the Swift Command monitoring station. In a caravan the system is ‘armed’ when you arm the Stinger Alarm System, or for caravans without an alarm system, when you arm the tracking keypad.
In a motorhome the tracker is ‘armed’ when you turn the ignition off. If the alarm is triggered or if the vehicle is moved whilst armed the monitoring station will be informed, and they will then call you to confirm theft or fault. In a theft situation they will liaise with the Police to track and recover your vehicle.

What is Thatcham approval?

Thatcham Research are a UK Product Assessment and Certification organisation that test and approve safety and security products for the insurance industry. Swift Command Tracker is approved under Thatcham Quality Assured Category 6 ‘Stolen Vehicle Tracking’. Further details and the approval certificate can be found at

How do I know if my subscription is active?

When your tracking subscription has been activated you will receive a certificate via email detailing your vehicle and the cover period. You can reprint this certificate at any time by viewing vehicle detain on the Swift Command Tracking page.

How does the data subscription work?

Each vehicle is supplied with 3 years of data which is paid for by the manufacturer. This begins from the build date of the vehicle. The data is for the remote control of the vehicle.

Following this paid for window, the data subscription can be purchased via the tracking website. The data alone is priced at £40 for 1 year, £60 for 2 years, £75 for 3 years.

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